Stéphane Lessard






English-French Translation


My name is Stephane Lessard, I have been a professional translator since 5 years now. I am specialized in the fields of IT, computer sciences and different kind of user manual translation plus software and more. I did the translation of different business documentation and process. I work with softwares like Trados and I have a good knowledge of the Office suite (Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook).

My main education field is computer sciences, and I attended many hours of English private classes. I was trained by another translator with a university degree. I have a great knowledge of IT, and in my spare time, I am a webmaster and I promoted a few websites.

Working quality

I work with linguistic tools as :

Personally, I think that is very important to be experienced in translation and have good tools to deliver a quality work, and top notch translation in the target language. I have a good experience of translation from english to Canadian french.